• 2017

    What Do You Know About Buddha Relics Or Buddhist Relics?

    About Buddha Relics

    Buddha Relics are said to be the physical remains of Buddha or Buddhist teachers. When the Buddhist teachers are cremated, the remains of tiny pearl-like, translucent and multi-coloured beads known to be Relics are believed to emit spiritual power and can even multiply. Buddha Relics ensured that the presence of the Buddha is perpetuated after the passing of the Buddha.

    The Physical Sarira (Relics) are three different kinds: white bone sarira, black bone sarira and red bone sarira. When the Buddha was cremated two and a half thousand years ago, these relics were left behind. These Buddha Relics are manifestations of the realizations of the Buddha and other masters. Buddha Relics were always kept in monasteries, where they were enshrined in stupas. It is said that when you come into contact with these Buddha Relics, you automatically create happiness, or virtue, because of the power of the holy object.

    According to scriptures, the Buddha's relics have a miraculous quality, which enables them to increase in power, size and number, with time and veneration. One may ask if there is any benefits for the reappearances of these Buddha relics? The Buddha once said that by seeing His relics, it is like seeing the Buddha Himself. Thus, the Buddha relics are the symbols of qualities of the Buddhahood and the characteristics of enlightened body, so therefore it also represents that the Buddha is always turning the Wheel of Dharma unceasingly. If we see the Buddha relics in our own eyes, we will be reminded the qualities of purified mind (Buddhahood) and we will continue to walk on the path to Buddhahood. Whether the Buddha Relics is true or false, this is no longer important, the question is, if the sarira is still living within your mind? If you have faith on these Buddha Relics, it is like having realized that the Buddha is always living within your mind, it will help you to overcome many problems and obstacles.

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