• 2019 Dec

    50% Refund Guaranteed For Renting Thai Amulets

    90 Days' challenge if no result in prayers, you will be entitled the refund as stated.

    Valid for renting Thai amulet from 12 Dec 2019 onwards

    Announcement will be made here when this offer expires or any further changes are to be made in future.

    Are you ready to accept 90 Days' Challenge for renting Thai amulets

    Start Date: 12 Dec 2019

    Time To Change Your Destiny Using Personal Thai Amulets

    Is your current situation suits your lifestyle? Are you happy with your career and relationship with family members, friends, relatives and colleagues? This will be some of the questions you need to ask yourself to decide as whether or not you are going to be fated to rent an amulet. We had similar experiences that drawn to own our fated amulets and change your destiny down the road. So, if you are already happy with what you already own and living a happy life then you do not need an amulet to make any further changes in your destiny. We like to congratulate you for being blessed with good fortune, wealth, relationship and health.

    But for those who have yet to satisfy themselves with this good fortune maybe drawn to own one of these fated amulet that will give proper guidance in every actions to make a change in destiny. With the right prayers for guidance from your personal Thai amulet, you will receive the blessing to fulfill your dreams of what you want in life. Please ensure that the prayers you do is sincere as your amulet will provide the right guidance to reach the goal. Only with faith and trust in your own amulet, it will help you fulfilling the prayers within 90 days.

    Yes, we 100% sure that each fated amulet for individual will help to achieve the goal in prayer within 90 days' period. That is why we are so confident to give you a 50% refund IF it did not work for you. To us, it will be very unlikely as majority people including us have been guided to receive our prayers in answers. However, please do note that prayers like winning 4D, lottery or any of such requests will not be included in the 50% guaranteed as it will not be answered. Prayers like helping you with your career or relationship as such will be guided by your personal Thai amulet and result will be shown within 90 Days' period. Remember, if you want to change your destiny for your future, please be sincere and have faith with it and you will make a difference with its guidance.

    Here is the refund challenge code if your prayer is not answered in 90 days. Send us an email with the refund code to receive 50% off after 90 days when not successful with your prayers and it will be refunded via PayPal. Please share your prayers as we love the analyze why you are not guided to receive. Or share if you are successful with your prayer with us. We trust that you will not cheat us since you will receive bad Karma in doing so and destiny will change for you thereafter. Thank you.

    50% Refund Code is: 12DEC90DAYSCHALLENGE

    This 90 days challenge is ONLY AVAILABLE from this site for purchases to have the guaranteed 50% refund as stated.

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  • Thai Amulet - Luang Po Daem

    Each amulet is unique and only fated owner will rent it. Through prayers and wearing the amulet around your neck will help to protect & improve your health as well as your career.